Low-Impact Collisions Could Lead to Major Injuries!

The myth that high speeds and reckless driving being the only cause of motor vehicle accidents is just that, a myth!

In fact, motor vehicle accidents in Washington D.C. can be caused by a number of different circumstances.

Texting and driving, talking on the phone, fidgeting with the radio or the GPS – all of these can also lead to accidents.

A very common type of motor vehicle accident are low-impact collisions.

A low-impact collision is caused when a driver hits into another motor vehicle while driving at a speed of which is most usually less than 15 MPH.

Some examples of these collisions would be:

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Common Type of Injuries from Low-Impact Collisions

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One of the most common and most well known injuries that is a direct result of a low-impact accident is whiplash.

Whiplash is a specific type of injury that can abruptly cause quite severe neck issues.

More often than not, severe damage occurs when one motor vehicle is not moving and is suddenly struck by another vehicle.

This sudden impact can directly cause hyperextension to a person’s neck, which in turn would potentially cause herniated disks and/or nerve damage.

This can cause a wide array of issues to a person’s back, neck, and future quality of life.

These types of car accidents also target the lumbar and spine area upon impact.

This area is comprised of the largest vertebrae as well as the strongest muscles of the spine – and, injuries to such an area can have life-altering effects. It’s also possible for a person to sustain spinal cord injuries in a low-impact accident, which can lead to the need for spinal surgery, or even in some of the more horrific situations, total and complete paralysis.

Other Injuries from Low-Impact Collisions:

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