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Who Was at Fault in My Car Accident?

When a motor vehicle accident takes place, your first thought isn’t always the cause of the accident!

You’re concerned about if you’re physically okay – if you were traveling with passengers, are they physically okay? How badly was your motor vehicle damaged?

Can it be repaired or was it totally destroyed? Do I have the number for a tow-truck? When will the police arrive?

It’s common practice for any individual’s mind to cycle through these types of thoughts in the moments after an impact.

However, that doesn’t mean that larger issues shouldn’t be revisited quickly after you’ve answered the more immediate questions.

Understanding and proving the fault of a motor vehicle accident can be increasingly hard and should be handled by an experienced group of motor vehicle accident attorneys.

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What Are the Laws in Washington D.C.?

The world of motor vehicle accidents is quite complex, but understanding how to navigate it is something that our attorneys can do to help you or your loved ones.

Washington D.C. itself is currently a part of a five-state group that still uses the equation of contributory negligence versus comparative negligence when ultimately determining how much in damages a plaintiff can recover after an accident.

Under this type of law, if you or a loved one was only 5% at fault for a motor vehicle accident, you may, unfortunately, become barred from receiving any type of compensation or relief.

Depending on the laws of your state, negligence can either reduce the total number of damages available to you in a personal injury lawsuit or entirely bar you from any recovery.

If the defense can prove you contributed to the accident by speeding, disregarding traffic signals, or driving recklessly, your right to recover damages may be in jeopardy.

It is essential that you hire an aggressive and committed attorney in your area to investigate your case and assemble the evidence you need to win.

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Motor vehicle accident victims may find their lives dramatically altered in the mere seconds it took for their accident to occur.

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